Hi, I’m rockeybob. The Quote on quote “Roblox Independent Journal” Isn’t accurate.

The Quote on quote “Roblox Independent Journal” was offended at my simple act of sarcasm responding to a post made by roblox user whose name I will not diclose who was saying how anti-trump protesters were blocking the traffic on the street he lived on. I replied saying “Run over those liberals… the police will understand”. I said that sarcastically while expressing my belief that people should accept the fact that The 45th president of the United States Donald Trump who is frowned upon has become president. The election is over. Trump won. And I support him on removing gay marriage and holding strong with the second amendment. The bible says no to turning your butt into a anal playground.

UDATE 4/18/2017

A “Roblox Independent Journal” article writer under the name John atyxyt Has said : First off, it is very dificult to detect sarcasm online. You must be careful in what you say. Also, please learn to spell properly.
And ultimately, if you support Trump so much, you should know that he is the 45th president, not the 49th.
Mark your sarcasm clearly next time.
— gay furry dude.

John Atyxyt Said :Also, learn to spell properly. He is incorrect because there were not any spelling or grammatical errors. In his sentence stating I was incorrect with my spelling, he made a error himself. You do not begin a sentence starting with “Also,”. The correct way to phrase this would be “Roughly,”. And at your signature “-gay furry dude” The correct way to phrase this would be “ — Gay Furry Dude”. And since you did not state that you were being sarcastic, you must be a “ — Gay Furry Dude”. Because remember, state your sarcasm.