You Will Always Suck at What You Do, Until You Do This
CamMi Pham

Right on the money, CamMi-thank you & I Love Your Name!

When I was a young girl, I SO wanted to be the best horseback rider ever! Oh, how willing I felt, how badly I wanted this, how completely I k-n-e-w I would rock at it!

I’ve no idea why; just one of those things we instinctively know we need to do that haunts us until we at least give it our all.

So yes, I was willing to approach a 1,000 lb. animal, wrestle with equipment bigger and heavier than me, throw myself on this beast’s back, struggle to make this animal comply, get thrown off of, fall down from, try to control, who would stop suddenly and catapult me from, all so I have the satisfaction of knowing I have conquered my fear, have the best trained, gaited, groomed horse in show….. win the 1st prize trophy in Dressage and became one of the youngest females to win a Federation Tournament.

Why tell this story? Yes, I was very proud but mostly because it was so not like me and I still wonder why I felt so passionate.

That’s also why when I read this I think it’s not the feat or task we are conquering or accomplishing but that wonderful knowledge that whatever it was we wanted so badly, we did & nobody can take that away from us. Ever.

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