Should I get a Business Partner?

Perhaps, but be very careful. Most business partnerships do not survive, and the breakups can be painful and extremely expensive. Things usually look rosy when you begin, but can degenerate into some pretty ugly stuff.

My suggestion is that you not form a partnership. I would suggest a LLC or a corporation. You should talk to a business attorney about this.

Secondly, you need to be very careful in the selection of any co-owner. What are they bringing to the table? What will they contribute? Are you really willing to give up ownership and some control to somebody else? You better have a really good reason to want a co-owner. You better research the candidates extensively and exhaustively.

Thirdly, you need to think about everything that can go wrong. How will you deal with major disagreements? How will you deal with getting out of the arrangement? What happens if your co-owner doesn’t do their part, or worse yet, takes from the business? Think about every possible bad thing, and address it in writing.

Finally, think about how this is going to work on an on-going basis. Right now you are the man in charge. What happens when you have to ask permission to do things? ( or in essence get agreement from someone else?) What will happen when they want more money?

Once you have contemplated all these things very carefully, and documented them in writing, then you are ready to speak with a business attorney. You will need them to create an entity, formalize an operating agreement and employment agreements. Be extremely specific.