User Experience Design

I don’t think UX is a “buzz” word. It’s not even a word at all.

It’s a collection of methods that are applied to the process of designing interactive experiences. It encourages the interactive designer to make the most of the users’ experience. There’s a broad range of skills-sets that any good UX designer must equip themselves with in order to be effective. You have to have a creative mindset as well as an analytical mind. There’s a tremendous amount of empathy and design thinking that is involved as well as a fair amount of project management in there too.

Everything ab0ut UX is impacted by the golden triangle of time, budget and resources. And it is an iterative process. Something that is ongoing and is never finished. Digital products, just like the models of cars like the “Camry” or “Taurus,” keep changing ever so slightly from year to year.

UX design revolves around the issues of usability, user experience, UI design and e-commerce. Design thinking plays a huge role in understanding what is not just the most pleasurable, but the most effective mode of interaction.

What are some of your thoughts on UX?

Originally published at HEINTZSIGHT.

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