Why is it that people who are immoral are so often more successful?

Question: If a business owner works hard and lives a moral life, are they usually not as successful as an immoral business man?

Answer: Where did you get that crazy idea? I am sure you can point to some examples where it appears to be true, but the premise of your question is contrary to the fundamental laws of the universe. Evil does not succeed.

Not all moral people will succeed. But to be truly successful, you must be moral.

Immoral people may appear to succeed. They may have a lot of money, they may appear from the outside to have all the evidences of success. But inside, in their hearts, there is a rot that destroys their soul. For what have you gained if you have material success but have lost your soul? Answer: not much.

The outward appearances of success are deceiving. What truly matters is what is not shown: what is inside you, in your heart. For you can have all the money in the world, but if you have no joy, where are you?

You cannot have joy if you have no moral compass. If you follow your moral compass, you will be successful. Maybe not in material ways, but in the ways that matter. I have known thousands of people over my career, and I have seen the insides of their financial affairs, learned a bit about their family life, and seen whether they had joy or not. Without exception, each of the persons whom I would say are truly successful had joy in their hearts. They might have been carpenters, teachers, CEO’s of large companies, or even a school janitor. They are all very successful, happy people who are loved and loved others, who followed a moral compass that brought them success in a way so profoundly more meaningful than the value in their bank accounts.

Finally, I want to state that in finding a moral compass, there is only one true north. You can’t “make up” some set of morals. Relative moral codes and “situational ethics” are a bunch of nonsense. We all know in our hearts what is right and what is wrong. I dare to say that there is a universal moral code that all of us could subscribe to. An itinerant Jewish Rabbi has explained it pretty well. If we all could only just live up to those expectations, what a wonderful world it would be.

Do not chase power and money. You may find both, but you won’t be successful unless you live a moral life.