Club Volleyball

If you guys remember I am also involved in club volleyball here at the University of Minnesota. This past weekend I went to a volleyball tournament in Madison, Wisconsin. We left early afternoon on Friday and we got to Madison at about 5:30pm. We take U of M vans so mine was the first one to arrive since each player had classes till certain times and so there was a van that left a different times. Once we got there and got all settled in we ended up going out to eat. After that we just sat around and hung out as a team. There are two teams and about 12 girls on each one. We spent most of the night hanging out with our coach and playing games to get to know one another better. Once the morning came we ended up playing two pool play games in which we won one and lost another. Then once tournament play came around we played Madison right away and it was such an exciting game! It was such an intense and close game, but we ended up winning. (Yay Minnesota) Following that, we played another team after that and ended up losing. We ended up getting fifth out of 18 teams, which is pretty good! Lastly we drove back after a long day and got back in the cities around 10pm. Overall it was an exhausting couple of days, but it was so much fun being able to grow closer with my other teammates and grow some team chemistry. I’m so glad that I got to have the opportunity to play club volleyball because it keeps me involved in the sport I love most and it allows me to meet many new people along the way.

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