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What if I would just invent myself anew and create a part-time artist identity on the Internet?

A crow on a beach in California

Back in early 00s when I felt that it might not be a hard thing for me to produce art. Ideas weren´t a problem. Inspiration wasn´t either. I truely sensed that while visiting documenta11 in Kassel, such a good place to realize that being an artist lies within the attitude towards own ideas and the effort put into publishing.

20 years later, it is time to start realisation phase :-)

A list of conditions for being a part-time artist:

  1. I can define the dosage of time I want to spent
  2. No need for technical setups, I want to use the time I spent on art itself
  3. I can stay anonymous
  4. No pressure to keep publishing, the work published should not look “old”


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