Will Whoopi and The View Comment on Megan Kelly’s Blackface Fiasco?

Megan showed how vapid, shallow, and uninformed she really is this week. I am a conservative, but she’s entirely missing point after point in this new setting of morning tv and being a journalist. She’s intellectually incurious, not racist, hence her silly comments about black face. Fonda called her plastic surgery question inappropriate bc when you have another guest there (Robert Redford) you don’t ask questions that only one guest can participate in a conversation about. Fonda didn’t beat her up bc she’s a Fox News girl, it’s bc she’s not a good interviewer.

She proved this again with the Putin interviews, she brought her Judge Judy, prosecutorial shtick to an interview with a foreign head of state. Megyn, namedropping authorities that Putin doesn’t answer to isn’t a great way to build you case, plus this isn’t a court of law. She deflected, saying the Trump fans hate her now, but that’s why she’s not succeeding. It’s everyone else’s fault that she’s a woman pushing 50 who doesn’t know who she really is.