Public Feminist/Private Woman
Clint Irwin

O this was fascinating indeed. So funny that you used a Maoist photo, that’s a recurring theme I keep seeing in my research on gender feminism; it’s Maoist or Stalinist undertones. Any insight into that? My cranky Marxist professor from college would be incensed by that usage, “what do you mean Maoism, Stalinism!??” Scorched earth argumentation, their ideals cannot exist in democratic settings, and they know this. The very ideals of democracy were founded by “white rapists” as Dworkin once described Jefferson regarding Sally Hemmings, in a debate in 1985 with Alan Dershowitz.

Are there any figures in politics that you think fit the mold of gender feminism? Sebelius was the only one I could muster, and Gillibrand, however phony that posturing may be. This is Puritanism masquerading itself as feminism, why else would Dworkin have aligned herself with evangelicals on the issue of pornography? That woman made Jerry Falwell look like High Hefner!