Not just a hackathon.

5 reasons why AngelHack is the best hackathon ever in Malaysia, yet.

In 2014, after our partners endorsed us as “Hackathon of the Year”, we’ve decided to up the game and organize a 300-person hackathon in Kuala Lumpur this June.

It is not the largest hackathon by size, but it is definitely the coolest hackathon for many defining factors:

1) Respectable Judging Panel

Seriously, they are the best in class.

During the judging session, I owe them a proper introduction; So here you go, in no specific order, they are:

Dinesh Nair
Peter Kua
Wu Han
Michael Lints
Karamjit Singh
Daniel Walters
Gan Chun Yee
Stephan H. Wissel
Chris Leong
Aaron Gill

2) Supportive Partners and Venue Host

We are lucky to have Sunway Group supported us throughout #AHKL2015 program; On behalf of the team, I want to express my sincere gratitude to:

Sunway Group
The Pinnacle, Sunway
Sunway University
Sunway Digital Waves
Cytron Technologies

Special mention to RedBull Europe,, and Barista Guild Asia for their amazing support to us and our community of innovators.

#AHKL2015 would have been much less awesome if it wasn’t for any of above-mentioned partners and supporters. ‘Nuff said.

3) Domain Experts and Mentors who have “been there, done that”

Yit Min, Toh
JC Ker
Stanley Siow
Kyle Yee
JJ See
Ivan Ong
Maznuddin Zainuddin

All mentors are thoughtfully curated and invited to top up the “learn by doing” experience our participants had during #AHKL2015.

4) 300 Hackers, Designers & Innovators

50% of them are university students, 50% are professionals;
All are self-starters.

We observed and drew conclusions that in this hack, we had:
a) Most Female Participations
b) Unprecedented, 100% code submissions for review purpose.
c) Out of the box, never seen before innovative project ideas which includes pot holes map plotting and car distance singling and detection algorithm
d) 70% were joining hackathon for first time, AngelHack being their first hack

50% of 11 finalists intend to continue developing their product immediately; 40% planning to continue improve the idea in next 3–6 months. All of them need some form of mentorship and guidance in which myself and our partners, especially MDeC and TM will continue to work collaboratively to support the deserving teams.

5) Resourceful and “PIF” Team

“PIF” = paying it forward

None of the above would have happen without a capable, committed and strong-will team.

The execution is flawless when each member taking matters into own hand and covering each other’s blind spots with their wits and resourcefulness.

I deeply appreciate the team for bearing with my impatience and rather disorganized behaviors at times.

They’re a group of multi-talented people who is willing to spare their personal time for none other than following causes:

to spurs innovations with global market potentials

We set out to organize the best hackathon ever to beat our own records, and we did it again.

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Brian Collins, CMO of AngelHack

Culture Guru ( Winner of AngelHack KL 2015 is representing Kuala Lumpur to participate AngelHack Global Demo Day.

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StartupMamak, Founder Institute, AngelHack, MaGIC, Corate (...and the next big thing)

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