Don’t wait for the money to run out

There aren’t that many open spots left on NBA rosters. As of 7/4/2017 there were 91 open spots on NBA rosters. 36 free agents have already signed contracts. 106 players from last year remain unsigned. This includes NBA staples Vince Carter, Jeff Green, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, and Tyreke Evans.

The 36 free agents that signed contracts this summer will have a cap hit of $454,050,892 in 2017–2018. That’s a whopping 15% of the NBA total cap to 36 players. Those that had market value were paid well and soaked up a lot of the available cap space.

As I detailed yesterday, as teams rack up their spending on expensive super teams, any unsigned player risks ending up having to take a bargain basement contract to fit into a team’s salary cap target.

The remaining 91 spots will need to be filled with the 60 drafted players that haven’t yet signed their contract, 100+ free agents that played in the NBA last year not on a roster, hundreds of upstart free agents playing in the G League and NBA summer leagues in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Utah.

NBA Team with Cap Space and Roster Spots

Put your pride away future NBA player. The remaining teams with cap space probably won’t win soon. But they at least have money to spend. Here are your top destination options.