brewupdate daemon — Running brew update/upgrade every week

Hey ya!

I wanna start by saying Homebrew is really awesome. It saves me a ton of time, but I constantly forget to run `brew update` or `brew upgrade`. I decided to look for a way to run that automatically every week, and my great friend Google pointed me out to this nifty blog post by Marc Kalmes, where he wrote a launchd agent that does exactly what I wanted.

After fiddling around with it for a couple hours, and forking a fork of it, I ended up making a few changes. You can get it here, or just run:

$ curl -L | bash

The daemon is gonna run every 7 days, running `brew update && brew upgrade && brew cleanup && brew cask cleanup && brew doctor`, and it’s going to show a notification using the terminal-notifier project. You can also find logs for it inside your `$HOME/Library/Logs/Homebrew/brewupdate/` folder.

I’ve added instructions in the README if you’d like to edit it. :D

Have fun!