Eclipse Kapua going OpenShift

I’m really happy to announce that the next release of Eclipse Kapua project will be distributed not only as jar, but also as a set Docker images. In particular me and Dejan Bosanac are working hard to make sure that dockerized version of Kapua runs smoothly in the OpenShift Origin PaaS.


How will Eclipse Kapua on OpenShift look like? Take a look at the diagram below:

In the most recent version Kapua is divided into three architectural components:

Kapua services currently relies on ElasticSearch for telemetry storage and on H2 SQL database for other type of data.

All those components are deployed into OpenShift and relies on Kubernetes service discovery and load balancing in order to communicate with each other.

What about other PaaS providers?

If you are interested in support for other PaaS providers, for example for Cloud Foundry, you are more then welcome to join our community and contribute an appropriate code. We would like Kapua to be PaaS-agnostic, so all contributions in this area are more then welcome. OpenShift just happens to be the first PaaS platform we (me and Dejan) volunteered to support.


If you have any thoughts or questions related to running Kapua on OpenShift or Kubernetes, feel free to drop us a line. We’re always open for a feedback!