Ink, Blood, & Spirit Documentary

One individual that I’ve been sincerely interested in for a long time is Marc “Little Swastika” Lu. I think it’s because his appearance resembles, in a way, something that I saw in a dream once. Needless to say, his art and tattoo work has captivated me since I discovered it and am intending to buy some of his work here shortly.

So when I went on the BMEzine modblog today and saw that he has a documentary out by Claudio Marino, I couldn’t help but get my debit card out and make the purchase. I’ve wanted to learn more about him for quite some time because, as I have stated, he intrigues me. The documentary was short, only 18 minutes, but hearing him speak and explain his art was wonderful and I found it worth the small price. For any interested in both art and body modification, I suggest you check it out (

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