BitEther(BTH) Airdrop

BitEther(BTH) Airdrop Signup —>

Sign up to receive free BitEther (BTH) (Tokenized ERC20 Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain).

Airdrop happening on October 21, 2017. Stay tuned for more info.

Official website: (We will post the contract address here only!)
Official contract address: 0xe66cc41dd03a170623dc087a69ad8d72e64cb838
Official Blog:
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Earn Bonus BitEther Tokens For Referrals

Earn 2x the BitEther tokens for retweeting our Airdrop Sign-up Twitter Announcement It’s as simple as that.

Earn an additional 2x tokens for posting a short blog article and linking to the official site. Simply send us the URL after and we will track it on our side.