Why I stopped using storyboards and Interface Builder
Kenza Iraki

Great article and agree with much of what was written. I started learning iOS development about 5/6 months ago. I work as a web developer and the biggest difference I noticed between web development and iOS development was the Interface Builder. Based on my experience as a web programmer one of the great advantages of coding the UI is to reuse code and components and its easy maintenance. And Swift is OOP language so we have great patterns to create a readable and reusable UI.

Has web developer I use a lot of UI created by code. So it’s not so bad. And have some advantages.

Unfortunately for beginners there no documentation that shows two ways of doing the same thing.

I think small projects, storyboards are very useful. But for projects that start to gain a large dimension will be difficult to reuse.

But this is an opinion of a person who recently started developing for iOS.

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