One of the worst and best things to happen to mankind. Uniqueness the root of all evil. The root of misery. The cause of genocide, murder, prodigious, and fear. It is also the root for all good in this world. It is what created Martian Luther King, Malcolm X, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. Uniqueness what causes many different things to be created because no person thinks alike. But unlike the world without no uniqueness with uniqueness, there are differences that cause us to put other people down. Causing misery, suicide, and murder. But the truth is that is alright cause most people forget that the reason we are on this earth and it is survival whether we do it the same way or another. I think that all humans can agree that uniqueness or not life sucks cause we are not here to enjoy it as it might seem we’re here to survive and only survive. So Uniqueness or not LIFE SUCKS.