Programmers: Do you have trouble recalling names?
John Bjorn Nelson

I’m experiencing the same issue and especially the phrase “I can recall the concept and what it connects to easily, but it’s hard to travel back to the name of the concept”. Did some research previously, to identify if this is related to, or early signs of, a major memory problem. English is not my native language, but I live in an English speaking country. Most programming concepts are firstly described in English, but by switching my mind to my native language does not generally help: probably just makes it worse.

Recently, while looking for a new job/project, experienced a bit of stress on a whiteboard or pair programming interview; I had to say loud what I was tinkering about while solving a problem (that I’ve experienced before and looked easy to solve, even though not trivial matter). 
While explaining exactly what I was going to write, failed to put it down logically, on paper, I got stuck — mainly stress related and uncomfortable having 3 people on my back or behind my shoulder while having to explain myself while typing code. 
After I got stuck, I decided to silence myself and eventually with all the *sighs* from the observers, I decided to wrap it up. When I got home, I wrote the solution and pushed it to a repo and messaged the recruiter explaining what happened; and in a very humble way asking him to forward my solution to the team, as I got embarrassed. I didn’t get the job, but the team reported to the recruiter that somebody prepared me for the interview, as they were surprised about how much I knew but were baffled when I failed to perform; they accused the recruiter of sharing to me what the test was going to be about, which he didn’t know or had any sort of access to the information. so, the recruiter was trying to figure out how I got access to their internal recruitment process and test.
Here it’s evident that I was capable of communicating the solution, even though it’s quite abstract, but failed to write the code! So, if the argument “trouble recalling names” is to be correct, my experience would have to go the other way around?!

In conclusion, I believe that the reason we fail to recall names lacks in the fact we don’t communicate those name’s or concepts to other people! The concepts exist deep inside ourselves in our comfort zone — that is private, abstract, obscure and intimate.

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