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Sensory play is often forgotten and it’s a shame

It’s important for adults too

Sensory play is what children start with when they are still so young they have not developed language fully yet. Sensory play is an activity you do that you enjoy somehow and receive sensory stimuli. After the children develop they start playing also in other ways, with logic, reasoning etc. It is important not to forget sensory play because this stimulates your brain and body in a way that other activities do not, also it relaxes and makes your life happier. Ruth Codier Resch explains that when she started to play with her senses her brain seemed content for the first time in a long time. Like the brain was at ease, resting, after having fun. She only realized this after a stroke that changed her way of living. The stroke disabled the speech recognition parts of her brain so she had to learn her own ways to comprehend language.(1)

Sky is the limit

Sensory play can be anything your imagination leads you to. There is no should or ought in it but what feels right and good is the way to go. I think that it plays a big role in learning to listen to your feelings and “let it go” literally. Good exercises for adults, would be for example painting (this is what Ruth

Codier Resch enjoys), sex (definitely a good one for the brain), baking a cake (the smells, the tastes and so on are very pleasing, at least if you enjoy baking), doing some kind of yoga or maybe dancing (music is important in this one as well). Children do sensory play by nature and they should be encouraged to do things like these. For children playing outside (for example making a snowman or a flower crown) and using all the excess energy is healthy.

Sensory play is something we adults easily forget. In her interview I think, Ruth Codier Resch, is trying to remind us that you always have to have time for keeping yourself healthy and happy. Giving your brain pleasure by sensory play will make a difference.

Being busy is not an excuse to be miserable

These days I have been very busy (and miserable because of this). I have not been able to play as much with the computer as I would like to, not to mention sensory play. I have been dreaming about painting (which I have never done before except for art class which doesn't count because there

you have to paint as an assignment) but I don’t find the time, or the place, or the money for this. I understand this is only an excuse on my part and that I will have to something about it. Singing is a hobby I enjoy the most but because I do not have a band etc I get to do it rarely (at karaoke nights). Anyway, this is a reminder to you and to myself that enjoying life is possible.

I would especially recommend sensory activities to depressed, stressed and busy people. Still it is not good to try to force it, it has to be something you enjoy truly, so keep in mind that if you’re not having fun, you are doing it wrong.


1. http://www.journalofplay.org/sites/www.journalofplay.org/files/pdf-articles/3-3-interview-ruth-codier-resch.pdf
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