How to fix a broken garage door

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The professionals deal with both commercial and residential garage door repair during their work life. However, only the highly qualified ones have faced every kind of issue. The garage door types vary from house to house and office to office. Due to the same, the solutions vary as well. whether it is a manual garage door or an automatic or remote-controlled garage door, you will need professional repairs when the doors do not perform like it is supposed to.

garage door repair services
garage door repair services

A garage door completely off-track can be dangerous for you as well as others who need to use the garage. Apart from the known issues, sometimes we get surprised by unexpected issues like an incest nest growing near the sensor. The garage door issues can be repaired or trouble shooted in the following ways:


The batteries of garage door transmitters work effectively for a certain period of time. However, just like any other battery you have seen, these batteries can also get dead over time. Due to which, the transmitter is unable to signal the door to open.

broken garage door repair

Before changing the batteries, make sure that the batteries are the main issue and the transmitter is working fine when you press it manually. If it is true, then replace the battery and your transmitter will be working again. However, if the batteries are fine but the transmitter is still unable to operate the door then you need to call a professional.

Photo eye

The photo eyes are installed at either side of the garage entrance. This technology was introduced in the garage doors in the 1990s and almost every garage door has this feature. The photo eye helps by transmitting an invisible beam to the other photo eye, making sure that the path is clear. However, if there is anything in the garage door’s path then the door does not close. These features were introduced to protect serious injuries and damages to persons and properties.

The automatic doors open normally. However, if they resist closing when you press the button then it means there can be an issue in the photo eyes or something is blocking the way. Due to the passage of time, the photo eyes can get dirty or misaligned, causing the other eye not to match up with the transmission.

Other issues with photo eyes

You can clean the photo eye using a soft cloth and mild solution. However, make sure that you do not damage or scratch the surface of the photo eye as it is made from glass that is similar to a camera lens. Care is also needed as photo eyes are very small with a diameter of few centimeters only.

garage door spring repair

On the contrary, if you observe that the photo eyes are clean however, the garage door is still not working. Then it means you need to check for other possible issues. Sometimes the alignment can be an issue that stops everything from working properly. You can hire a broken garage door expert to deal with the alignment, making sure everything works fine.

Regardless of the issue, the garage doors should be inspected and repaired preferably by a professional.



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