You probably know that developers are divided into junior, middle, and senior according to their level of expertise. If you just broke into the IT world as a junior, you’re probably wondering what it takes to climb the ladder. Is it a matter of time, experience, or something else?

NCube believes that moving up the career ladder will open up opportunities for you to take on challenging projects, progress professionally and get employed at top software development services if this is your goal.

How to evaluate your expertise level?

There are several approaches to evaluating your programming skills level. One of the most popular was elaborated…

When there’s nobody in your vicinity with the right skills for your project — maybe it’s the time to open up your search a little bit and consider remote opportunities.

One of the most widespread options is virtual staff augmentation. It’s an outsourcing cooperation model in which an agency supplies remote employees to work closely with your in-house team. Staff augmentation means a complete integration of remote employees into the client’s processes and workflow. They communicate directly with a client and team leaders.

This model of cooperation is typically associated with the following project goals:

  • involving talents with better skills…

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