I made it onto the School of Code Bootcamp!

Hello! I’m Helen. I’m 35 and I’ve been an upper key stage 2 primary school teacher for 10 years. I come from Sutton Coldfield but moved to Tamworth in 2017 and live with my fiancée, Laura, who is a forensic assistant for the police. Aside from playing around on computers and learning to code, I enjoy going to the cinema, playing board games (not monopoly!), gardening (in the summer), reading books and falling asleep to Netflix. In October I applied for a place on the School of Code bootcamp. I was lucky enough to make it through the rounds that whittled down the 1500 applicants and I’m one of the final 24! I’d like to explain how I got here and why I’ve decided to undertake a very exciting complete career change.

How I got here

During my teens, I spent all my free time playing on the giant computer that my Dad brought home one day. I remember the day we first got the internet at home. I couldn’t wait to get onto the ‘Friends’ website! I spent hours making my own drag and drop geocities websites. However, I never stumbled upon anything that introduced me to code.

I took ICT at GCSE and A-Level and studied Computing and Management at Loughborough University. During my degree we had a unit on Java that was taught by a tutor who could only speak very little English. I did not understand a thing, completely switched off and assumed coding wasn’t for me.

Due to my computing background I was made the subject leader for computing at my primary school. The 2014 national curriculum change brought in a renewed focus on computer science. I began to learn basic HTML & CSS so I could teach it and I ran an after school code club. The more I learnt, the more I enjoyed it and I started learning on Codecademy in my spare time.

I began to think that a career change from teaching to web development would be perfect, however it was quite disheartening to think I’d have to self-teach for at least a few years whenever I could fit it in before I’d be anywhere near ready to take the leap. I researched local bootcamps and was shocked at their huge prices. Realistically, I then gave up as I thought it’d be near impossible to make the change.

Why choose the School of Code?

Why now?

I was so thrilled when the applications opened for cohort 3.0 and I applied straight away. It was exciting getting through each of the application rounds and I really enjoyed the interview day. I must’ve checked my email so many times in the days that followed and I couldn’t quite believe it when I received one to say I was in! I handed in my notice at school the next day.

What I thought of tech before


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I’ll be blogging and tweeting about my journey through bootcamp and into the world of tech. Please let me know if you’re doing the same or if you’ve done the same and if you have any tips!
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