777 — A Love Story

Dedicated to John Hopkins.

777 — A Love Story, is a story about Being The Universe. It is about finding a way to communicate with The Universe. While every Human Being has their own ways and means to communicate with The Universe and an even larger number — if not the majority — would reject that the possibility exists, if not for some entertaining way, like in seeing Jesus in a corn tortilla and such, my communication channel with The Universe is extremely simple. Well, actually there are several ways The Universe communicates with me. One of these means to relate to my innermost machinations appears in the form of:

While most folks pay only attention to 777 in a casino on a slot machine, my history of the appearance of 777 and the accompanying circumstances is far removed from gambling. It only applies when I am in a casino hitting 777. ;-)

The important part in the life long calibration of this form of communication with The Universe lies within the ability to relate the appearance of a 777 to the observation, or thought immediately prior to its appearance. It took me a while — naturally — to relate the appearance of a 777 to what I was thinking. 50 years after I had started to enjoy seeing it everywhere I go, I finally figured out what it really meant. It was never just seeing a 777, albeit the majority of my friends and acquaintances admits to never have seen one in their life the way it flocks around me. Actually, it has freaked out friends that accompanied me to town beyond description, when I would get surrounded by 777s at a busy intersection in Hilo. There are five lanes and we were in the middle lane. The three cars in front of us had a 777 on their license plate. The truck next to us on the right had a 7777 in the phone number displayed on its door. The vehicle to the left had a 777 on the license plate as well. So did the vehicles behind us. In the most mind blowing “coincidence”, we were surrounded by 777s.

My friend has not recovered from that experience to the present day. It still totally eludes her how that could have been possible. That is NOT possible! It must been some sort of hallucination. A Morgana of epic proportions. It is also noteworthy to factor in where it happens and under what specific circumstances.

First, there is the being frustrated and depressed about some generic bullshit. Contending needlessly with the shortcomings of other people that were never told that life is actually not only about them — in spite of them trying to convey that at every opportunity and occasion. Raving egotists for whom everybody and everything else is just means to masturbate to their own ‘greatness’. Should I get upset about one of these highly confused folks, with a specific accompanying thought about just how fucked up they are, comes another 777.

Even in regards to events that are removed from my personal experience — even though e.g. I gave money to the Sanders ‘movement’ with subsequent major disappointment — the moment I ponder about how fucked up the Democratic ‘party’ really is, comes another 777 my way. It also appears when I drive through Hilo thinking about how nicely the Plutocrats are destroying our lives in order to jack off to another quarterly report that reveals additional profits, while I am looking at every other store in Hilo having gone down the shitter. “WTF?” is instantaneously met with a 777.

In quintessence, there does not seem to be a need to be positive about whatever, what it reveals to me, is the fact that it has to be an authentic thought. It must be the truth by any other name. No matter whether related to joy, or pain. Although, there is a difference in regards to the number of 777 that come my way. The more I am aligned to The Universe, the more 777s come my way. Having a good time makes them coming in large numbers. The most sightings I had in one single day (I had started to keep a list in my notebook about the appearances when they exceeded five times per day) were 35. 35 times 777 at a time I was riding the gravy train.

Usually, it is not possible to take a picture of the 777s that are coming my way, since they are moving 777s. Even though I pondered about getting a High Resolution dash cam to film the oncoming traffic. But then I would have to edit the material and for that, I really couldn’t free any time. Therefor, moving 777s are carried in my heart only — unless there is a passenger next to me, but most of them never see them anyways. They only exist for those who are open to see them.

As a nifty little anecdote, I would like to weave in a story about my favorite ‘private’ beach before Tutu Pele visited and overwhelmed it with her Love.

“Foxes Landing” Kalapana

I had spent some time there all by myself, when a tourist couple appeared. The woman said she would look for some sea shells. She did that for about two hours, pacing the beach back and forth. The beach is rather small, maybe 50m. So she was quite busy walking with her head down. When they left, she told her man that she couldn’t find any shells. There were no shells, she said. They left.

“There were no shells?” I thought in disbelief. There are always shells! That beach is Shell-Beach! So I did the same thing she did. On my first pass, I found so many shells, that I had to go back to my towel to unload my hands. Back to the waterline I see, how the oceans sweeps shells at my feet. Those were not there before. They showed up in numbers, it was incomprehensible. That day I learned, that You can’t find what You are not open to find. If, what You are looking for is not there, You won’t find anything else. It is like looking for something You have misplaced and remembering it was green, when in reality, it is red. You’re looking for green and won’t ever find red. The lady was looking for something that was not there and I frankly don’t know what it could have been. :-)

Here is what I found after half an hour strolling the beach (I alter the shells to give them freshness, or even an ‘alien’ like appearance):

The same is true for 777s. My Mom said she never saw one before (even though Germany is rich in 777s based on having — like Uruguay — four digits in the license plates), until they popped up around me like chanterelle mushrooms after a warm summer rain in the forest. She could not believe it either. It was crazy. A minimum of a dozen 777s per day. After I had left again, she said that she never saw one again.

Driving, or walking around being shown my most favorite numbers is beautiful enough, but realizing that there is a communication taking place was even more thrilling. Throughout the years I realized that The Universe can talk to us in many ways. This is just one of them, even though the most effective in my eyes, since there is no room for interpretations. It is just like it is. They show when feedback is ‘required’, or appreciated. While visiting my Mom brought many 777s to my attention, nothing comes close to Uruguay. Now I know there is a reason for that. The Universe was signaling me “That’s it Girl! You’re there! Look no further!”. That I did end up going back to crazy land was likely based on the grief that is still with me, but no longer in the unbearable intensity it was before. I wonder, if The Universe wanted to uplift me as well. Like a court jester, trying to blow the dark clouds away.

Needless to say, that no mater how many 777s come my way, I get excited like a child to see each one of them. Oh, and yes, there is another way I realize that they are showing: when I am on my way to a place I am supposed to be going to. Doesn’t matter if it is my favorite bar/café, or a butcher shop with the best sausage around. Also people that will be excited to see me will produce a 777 when I am on my way visiting them:

On my way to the bar Santa Fé :-)
2222 and 7777 commenting on my way to joy.

Needless to say that there are more impersonal ways for a 777 to show up. The Universe is a place of unspeakably amazing possibilities and therefor it is sometimes so depressing to witness how people reduce it to a means to their ends. Like a self serving supermarket, free to exploit without a second thought. Well, actually not even a first thought.

Just watching a comedy to ease the pain…

Here now a collection of little notes by The Universe that I receive when I sit on the computer and not walking or driving in a car:

Last but not least, I would like to mention that light has returned in my life. In the most peculiar ways You could imagine. You surely remember the ‘charlatan’ website we talked about? Well, that was only a stepping stone, since I found some real wonderful mantras, my favorite on being the Ganesha mantra that soothed my burns from the super nova like flaring up of the worst of society. To maximize its effect, I had set it to repeat forever. :-D and I have been listening to it every day since.

Then I found a new place on Friday. Met the woman on Saturday. Test worked yesterday and am now the caretaker of a spiritual organic farm at a most beautiful location. Safe. With my Kitties being able to roam seven acres now, with no road nearby. No fire ants, too! I will privately report about the details and how stoked I am to be ending up on a an organic farm that has a Buddha statue under every tree and at the side of every entrance door.

Sending You my excitement and everybody else the suggestion to look out for the 777s in their lives as a way to connect with The Universe — to BE The Universe.