How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

9. Eat Well

10. Reject Authority

11. Listen to Alan Watts on “Repeat Forever” Mode

If You keep it up like this, You will be facing the demands to run for Presidentess.

On a more serious note, once again, You did it. No wonder that AI is without a chance against the human conscious intellect. And so is mind numbing propaganda. In the increasing desertification of cognitive abilities, minds like Yours are healing balm for the intellectual soul. No matter what happened to/in Your Life, it created a superb viewpoint of the Universe and its myriad ways to express itself.

That’s where the rub is. Those who treat us like Cockroaches with Cash/Credit/Debit Cards, have done so forever and obviously have gotten away with it for the same amount of time. When the Cockroaches balance is spent, the Cockroach is squished.

In the US, for over 200 years, the Plutocrats have been extremely successful in subduing the masses. How was that possible? the answer is as simple as it is painful: Religion. Not ALL ‘religion’ per se, but the organized kind. At that, the entirety of the Christian-Judaeo-Islam-Complex is based on a ‘Boss’ in the sky — an autocratic ruler that demands obedience. Or else.

This ‘Or Else’, which is implanted into the minds and now hard wired into the brain, creates the fertile grounds for obedience. Obedience in turn is the wavering of critical thought. Heresy is not taken lightly by the manipulators in whatever clown costume they are wearing. In an decrepit alliance, organized religion has enabled the Plutocrats to reign the masses in the same fashion religious dogma has always overwritten the freedom and liberty of the citizenry.

When we then look again at the incessant propaganda, the incessant lies and deception that emanates from the water carriers and well lubed mouth pieces of the Plutocrats, there can only be one response: The absolute rejection of a so called ‘authority’ that has no whatsoever, and never had whatsoever goal to create, maintain and expand “Common Wealth”, is as imperative and today, as it is de rigueur for the continuation of mankind and for the functionality of an inclusive and egalitarian society.

To never, under no circumstances believe what the Plutocratic media whores spew in our faces has to become a mantra.

People need to learn to expect to be lied to, to be cheated and deceived by their own kind. The human condition. Time to evolve. To Really evolve.

Hopefully it does not wear out — but I am again most grateful for the inspiration You gave me to add to the mix.