Writing psychology: Which of these 4 types are you?
Bec Evans

All of the above. :-)

Because I cannot afford to fall into the traps I had been caught up for many years now.

It is now more like: Whatever enables me to write continuously. That may require to disconnect/turn off the phones and the internet modem.

Writing is magical process and I learned to be unconditionally open as to what wants to be expressed by Yours truly. The real work comes later on, when I re-read, and re-write for clarity.

In other words, today it could be a short story, tomorrow an essay, followed by articles and responses to other articles, a lovely poem, or the continuation of a novel.

That has helped me to break free from getting stuck on one specific item that might simply not work today. But it will tomorrow, or the day after. Like having a flock of sheep that won’t get shorn all on one day.

Thank You for the article. Every new approach is welcome.