So here we are unable to deal with things because it requires a complete change in attitude on race because diversity is part of the new concept of value (intellectual) and class because that needs to be disconnected from livelihood and wage slavery. But if you don’t admit to any of that how do you talk about it?
A very interesting story, Helena Sophia Exel, and I understand how complex what Son of Baldwin was…
Mike Meyer

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Exactly this painful truth is marinating the open mind. As society, the collective citizenry sees itself unable to deal with the roots of our issues. The apples on the tree get smaller and more degenerated — no longer feeding the lot. Instead of mulching the tree, feeding it with organic fertilizer like compost tea, bone meal and ground oyster shells, society cuts off the tree to attempt to grow a new tree that will once more provide big, juicy apples to feed all.

But a new tree that is planted on exhausted soil will not grow as fast, nor as tall and might never bear the desired fruits. I guess that’s why there are GMO’s...

The reason why I chose the tree metaphor lies within what Thomas Jefferson alleged:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

Is this the reason why we head straight forward towards violent conflict like the Titanic into its matching iceberg? The sure thing is that this society needs some serious fertilization. It has reached a point of no return — disconnected from its beginnings and unable to provide a positive outlook for its members — those who are unable to learn from their past are bound to repeat its inhumane errors. That is not to say that errors can, or are not the salt in the soup of consciousness. But as it stands now, society is collectively engaging in what Albert Einstein described so fittingly as “doing the same mistakes over and over again — expecting different results.

A society (as I wrote in one of my articles) is an association of its members with the mutual goal of common wealth. As Alexandre Dumas sketched out in the three musketeers: “One for All and All for One”. That’s where Star Trek — The Next Generation drew its inspiration int he depiction of an all-inclusive society. Why we accept this form of free, open and just society solely as part of some science fiction, whereas it would easily be in our hands to have it right here, right now, eludes not only me, but most other good spirited people I know.

When I ask folks what it is that they want the most for themselves, their families and friends, the response is unanimously “Peace, Liberty and relative Prosperity”. Mind You that “justice” does not occur as one could imagine being the prerequisite to arrive there.

What remains is to engage in conversations that matter — as to me is the conversation with You and a number of enlightened Beings here on Medium. The greatest threat to the unchallenged reign of the Plutocracy is an informed citizenry. While I don’t proclaim to be able to offer that, I can offer something much more important: the willingness to converse issues and topics that arise in the minds of those searching for answers.

To those who feel insignificant enough to matter, I like to point to an Ant colony. Not a single Ant is not part of the whole. Each Ant is essential to the collective. Much in the same way, each Human Being is an important part of the collective and it matters not so much as to how it cares to partake: self-absorbed and driven by self-interest, or altruistic and aware of being part of something larger than Life itself.

It is a pleasure to elaborate on our mutual past and our possible collective future.

May the Schwartz be with You.