Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Generally, I don’t find unintelligent people funny. And intelligence is sorely lacking among the so called comedians that are, as of today, allegedly supplying the people that get shafted by their employers with some laughs.

The audience that they are attracting is suffering from cognitive dissonance. Intelligent people are more likely to bang their head on the table, than to laugh about most sublime propaganda.

Let me make it even more clear:

There are a three kind of people in the audience of any Stand Up Comedian.

  1. If the comedian speaks the truth, they either remain silent, or they laugh about the fact that, those who laugh about the allegedly funny lines don’t get that they are laughing about themselves.
  2. If the Comedian twists the truth, those, who can’t detect any real humor in that, remain silent. Those who laugh about it, show their incompatibility with the truth.
  3. Then, there are those, who laugh about anything they hear, because they paid for it.

Take any routine by George Carlin. It is the audience’s response that gives me the best laughs. Sure, there are always some bright people in the audience that laugh naturally at the funny passages — as intended.

The audience of today’s ‘comedians’ is handpicked for the studio and resembles more of a laughter tape than true human emotions. To understand what is happening there (yes, when people are laughing, they look around who else is laughing — it’s not an independent laughter) one is advised to watch a show — any show — that utilizes canned laughter, without that canned laughter. No longer funny at all, huh? No wonder, the canned laughter, as the one stimulated by production people holding up signs when to laugh, is artificial.

It is this artificiality, that is rooted in the Propaganda-Universe of the greatest misanthrope ever, Edward Bernays (yes, You may call him a hard core Fascist, too) that volunteered to fuck up the critical thinking of the entire American population and convert them into obedient consumers.

Obedient consumers.

Obedient consumers that laugh, when they are supposed to at the live show, sending the signal to those, who sit in front of their TV sets cajoling with every staged laughter that furthers the cognitive dissonance of the wider audience.

Without watching this documentary, one can long look for sense and reason about the manipulation of the masses and still not see the forest for the trees.

Be warned though, after watching this stunning documentary. That it is still available, only goes to show that the Plutocrats have no doubts about the progression of the dumbing down — forever preventing them from cutting their mental leash loose. It is also proof, that there have always been Motherearthfuckers, as I care to call them, because that’s what they do: fucking Mother Earth and everybody on it.

There is no democracy if the masses are unable to tell a good joke from a bad joke, because that it part of a massive propaganda machine.