How the Media Fiddles While Our World Burns
Paul Randall @muttmankc

I urge You to watch the documentary Plutocracy. It will be the most helpful instrument to understand WHY we are (as ‘the people’) experience, WHAT we are experiencing.

While it is only commendable for people wanting, trying to find out what happens to and with them, every discovery must be followed by the comprehension of it.


One is really hungry. No food for days. Only a few berries here and there. Then, a creek. A creek! Looking at the water. Looking into the water. Flowing by in a steady motion — relentless. Then, a fish. A fish! A trout! Another trout! There are trouts! Observing the trouts now. Watching their every move. For a long time, all the while the stomach is grumbling in discontent over the absence of food. The trouts! Got to get one of these trouts!

Now, without the comprehension of the observed behavior displayed by the trouts, it will be impossible to catch a single one — if dynamite is not part and parcel of Your arsenal.

But, having comprehended the behavior of the trouts, You silently and slowly lay down and crawl as slowly to the edge of the creek. There You enter the water with Your hands, making sure You are not holding your hands perpendicular to the flow, but aligned with it. You let Your hands be drifting under the grassy overhang over the creek — where the trouts are spending their days until they get hungry. Then You can feel them swimming around Your hands. If You ever held a fish in Your life, You know how to grab it firmly to prevent it from slipping — at the gills. And when the moment feels right, You grab the fish and throw it on land, where You (better) quickly end its life (cut neck).

People are still watching the fish. They have not yet comprehended, how they can grab it and throw it on land to survive. The time for WaPo, NYT and all the other media cloaca is long overdue to be thrown out of their waters of misinformation, lies and deceit to serve their Masters. It is our creek, our planet, our lives. Time to learn how to catch a fish.