I’m supposed to buy several big houses and lots of cars, and spend money on outrageous things so that all the other people are impressed and sick with jealousy because they want those things, too
Yes, we have this backwards
Mike Meyer

I’m supposed to buy several big houses and lots of cars, and spend money on outrageous things so that all the other people are impressed and sick with jealousy because they want those things, too.

What the World really needs is a sea change of Homo Sapiens’ conviction in regards to what actually matters.

Like in “Education” — where the way it is perpetrated today is not supposed to generate intelligent, wise and compassionate Human Beings — the ‘average’ aka ‘ordinary’, aka ‘simple’, aka ‘poor’, aka ‘unemployed’, aka ‘homeless’, aka ‘disenfranchised’, aka ‘low income’, aka ‘Middle Class’, aka “next door” are all subject to terms and conditions and are constantly told that the dilemmas of their lives are due to their ‘wrong doing’ of any kind.

It is a sophisticated system that is all inclusive and effects every aspect of our lives. Just like with the “God”-Thing — one authority that knows everything about us with us knowing nothing about what the government is doing in ‘secret’.

When people succumb to materialism they do so in a circle of a good company. Everybody has been programmed and conditioned from before day one on.

Consumerism is a Mantra. It is repeated more often than all the prayer beads in the Cosmos together. It is seen as both cure and as disease. Allow me to give You a rude example: Someone just died and the survivors are in the denial stage.

How long might it take, until someone will advise the grieving parties to ‘Go Shopping!™®©’?

There is a reason that corporations are so successful to sell ‘us’ our own detriment. His name is Bernays and his name is popping up nowadays more than ever before. The conspiracy of the Plutocrats/Corporatists, with the support of Psycho Analysis as seen by Bernays, is nothing less than to completely rework the minds of the people to see material wealth as a sign of ‘success’ and that those, who cannot partake in the rigged system that requires focus away from Human values towards material values, are responsible for the misery they ‘own’.

Bernays wanted to create consumers that demand newer stuff, sooner. Those who crave for a new “App” for their whatever. Whatever it is, if it is material, it cannot be part of oneself. Life is the ultimate value and the flesh that makes writing responses like this possible.

When we, as Human Beings, are really waking up to the truth, that when the last moment in life approaches, all possessions become meaningless. The life that was spent to pursue material happiness with luxury as the entrance requirement, blows up and leaves a carcass filled with regrets. Regrets, regrets, regrets. At the rate of about a Trillion regrets per second.

The solution is to stop doing things for oneself and/or others, but instead for The Universe. In return for the heart beat You just got. There, another one. Thousands of them if You want to make a day. Millions of them to live a life.

When “I” do things for The Universe, I do it as a response to the Energy that has given me another heart beat. There, still coming. My gratefulness is to The Universe, because then I don’t have to get into an argument about what kind of religion ‘rules’ the universe.

The “I” gives back to The Universe — knowing that The Universe is in control of the next heart beat. Of everything that exists in our lives — all subject to termination without prior written notification. When we, as Human Beings, understand that we don’t have any rights — but only allowances, then there is a good chance that consumerism will become a thing of the manipulated past.

The key is to learn from the past and to not let the new programming and/or conditioning happen. Freedom is to be free from addictions. Materialism is an addiction.

Thank You for the inspiration on my first day back reading/writing. And apologies for getting expansive, but the subject is complex. :-)