Well uh…yeah super condensed, and I can’t entirely agree that this sums it ALL up, but definitely…
Amber Lisa

It was my idea to exaggerate to make visible what it accounts to. Not all men are like that, but in principle it is men who take lives and women who give it. With the introduction of women into combat, that has of course changed. Now women, too can kill innocent women, children and seniors by pushing a button, or trigger.

Most dangerously in all this is the shift in society to accept this development. It’s like “Women — from the kitchen to the combat theater”.

In civil settings, it is still men who determine the wages women receive, who determine whether You are entitled to birth control or not and most important, prohibiting abortion, or creating a legal framework that enables men with no whatsoever understanding about the female body to regulate, when, why and if You can abort.

So, it’s really deep and really systemic and may require some satire like exaggeration to be thought about at all.

Thank You for the response. It is appreciated, because we can elaborate about what is at stake at the moment for women in the US and world wide.

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