I’d love to read your version of the story of the destruction of synonymy.
Amanda Hemmingsen

It will be a pleasure to elaborate on the scope, depth and consequences of the abuse of a mutual synonymy that took thousands of years to develop, to evolve. Greed knows no limitations. It’s all about money and the worst perversion has got to be the Zuckerberg-Perversion of the meaning “Friend”, that is derived from “Friendship” — a mutuality between two human beings that existed a long time before humans devised, or developed language to communicate.

Allow me to use a funny example to begin with:

The first deep friendship that is documented, was the friendship between ‘Lar and Artuk’ from the movie ‘CAVEMAN’ with Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach in the lead. In this extremely underrated masterpiece, viewers get the opportunity to go back in time and see, how Life MAY have been in the Stone Age. Of course it is a comedy and its goal is to make people laugh. But there are some important takes on language and music, that are often overlooked. How language came about and who made the first music ever. Throughout the years, I have watch this gem many times, and as many times I had friends over that couldn’t let go of the goofy comedy — void of dialogues that go beyond single usherings and names — not really understanding that they are actually looking at a very valid point of view in visualizing the Lives of Cavemen and Cavewomen.

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