Pardon my ignorance, but where are these “2nd Amendment people” you speak of?
Fred McTaker

It’s complicated. So complicated that it is rarely understood. I take Your remark to “Pardon my ignorance” as sarcasm and You’re welcome.

The document in question originates in the latter part of the 18th century. The persons that envisioned, drafted and executed the Constitution of the Unites States could have not foreseen how things are going in 2017. Even by standards of a Jules Verne, or Michelangelo, such foresight is only known to be able to a few Humans at a time.

The only guy that had it correct, but had to encrypt his visions in order not to be burned at the stake, lived in France. His name was Nostradamus. That man must have obviously seen It. How the World is today and where It will go from here.

When the Bill of Rights was passed and executed, the people of the time could not foresee, that in 2017, “Militias” are terror organizations. Everybody knows that. That’s why there are not as many Militias, as would be needed to ensure every American has a weapon.

Every Swiss Man can and many do have a rifle that is locked away and will be unlocked in an emergency. The Swiss are their own Militia. Switzerland is a wonderful Militia in the Alps.

In the United States of America, not unlike Switzerland today, the ‘Militia’ is the Family, single members of a large family tree that has grown strong and expansive Roots. That expanded Family will go for a ‘Militia’, because each member carries a gun.

It is only natural to assume, that the so called ‘2nd Amendment People’ are people that believe that they do what the Constitution recommends. The Constitution of the United States guarantees the freedom to own fire arms to desired ‘Militias’ — in 2017 and generally after Ni-neo-neo-ne, the People in the Flesh would constitute ‘The Militias’.

The so called ‘ Founding Fathers’ — with iPad, GoPro, Android, iPhone, Xbox, PC, iMac, TV, Disco and Rock ‘n Roll. Nascar and Soccer. Microwave, 3D Printer, Porsche Turbo, Paint gun, Massage chairs, IMAX.

The Constitution of the United States of America requires a constitutional convention. As well as to amend the 2nd Amendment to the right to bear arms for individual people.

The 2nd Amendment people I have met were wonderful. I am of the opinion that, as long as one does not intend to harm, or does not intend to hurt somebody else, one should be able to bear firearms. That may sound ridiculous, but is logical. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the people to bear firearms if they belong to a well regulated militia. Is does not speak about who can be a member of such a militia. ‘Founding Fathers’ meant also ‘No Women’ in Politics, affordable African Americans for the cotton fields and for other meaningful labor.

How come there were no African American well regulated militias mentioned and no further details about what constitutes a ‘well regulated militia’?

Therefor it is all hogwash. For one, without adjustments of the constitution for the evolution of society, the ‘Bill of Rights’ are more of a story, like ‘1984’. What the ‘founding fathers’ envisioned to be adequate protection for the individual and for The People©®, whose redress for relief from a tyrannical government would otherwise not be backed up adequately and is in no way adequate as of today.

Anybody that alleges to have fool proof idea how the government of the United States of America not only adheres to the original protection of People in the Bill of Rights, but is updated to reflect the relentless surveillance, the spying, the propaganda, the exploitation, the endless for-profit-war (and yes, ‘guilty by association is still valid’), the perversion of the pyramid of Greed and Power looks now like the cross section of a hyperbolic funnel. With the top of the Plutocratic sub-human species resembling a razor sharp pin shape.

The founding fathers and everybody else that was involved in the constitution of the United States (women only through the kitchen and African Americans from the cotton fields), could not have foreseen what the individual American corporate citizen would do in 2017. They could have not foreseen the fight of the decent, hard working American ‘Truly Working Class‘ for survival in a world where a few sub-humans own more than the the lot of the global population together.

As long as they could not have envisioned ‘Guantanamo’, 9-One-One, the infinite ‘war-of-terror’ for huge profits in the MISC, slashing of social services from the same side of government that obeys only the Plutocratic owner and their concern for the citizenry is proportionally related to the disdain they have for the ‘lower’ Kast of Native, U.S. and Immigrant Workers that have to work under shameful by any other name conditions in the United Corporate States of America.

The 2nd Amendment reads like that:

“The right for individual citizens, permanent residents and selected VISA holders to bear concealed arms in order to offset the militarization of the ‘law’ enforcement, or executive powers from hi-jacking their temporarily granted authority to govern the infrastructure and the well being of The People©®, engaging in unconstitutional activities and abuse of the citizenry. Registration shall not be required in order to ensure the Liberty of The People of The United States, as outlined and granted by this Amendment.”

Now, Your ignorance is of course pardoned, because I know You were just trying to be facetious, but the fact remains:

Everybody should be a “2nd Amendment” person, and yes, they are everywhere.

The NRA is just like Costco. An association of gun owners that get good deals from corporations that affiliate themselves with the NRA. They need to make money. Unfortunately though, a minority of folks that could be best described as “wealthy Christian Taliban”. These folks are also a minority at the NRA. But they call the shots there. And they call the shots now in the federal government.

Now what?