A Letter to Basic Income Advocates
Conrad Shaw

Its time has come. You are doing the World a great service. Thank You for that with a magnitude 10.0 gratefulness.

Since I introduced my version of UBI some 35 years ago in Germany, I have encountered many people that insist on doing business as usual. It always seemed to me that they would prefer to end up in the gutter, than to give UBI the chances to work.

I designed a T-Shirt for this reason. You are free to use it and You will get the rights to peruse it to spread the message and create a stream of funding for Your campaign. Just let me know and I will make accessible the High Resolution file to You to print it.

You have my full support and I would love to give to Your campaign, but I have been unable to buy food for one week now, because I was thrown under the bus — because of the “Bottom Line” and I am also abused by Social Security. These are tough times for the decent people in the world. To break the power of the Plutocrats, we must create a new way to enable people a life free from slavery.

“Guaranteed Basic Income Now” ©2017 Helena-Sophia Exel