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@ Joe Romm “Earth is in Upheaval” and other important articles

Dear Joe Romm,

having read Your articles and the accompanying responses on “ThinkProgress”, two thoughts come to mind:

First, it eludes me why You throw beautiful pearls before an audience that is void of any substantial form of intelligence. The notion alleges “throwing pearls before swine”, but I am shy to cell these people that. They are simply gullible. Willfully ignorant mouthpieces for people that have a vested interest to suppress the truth about the changing climate and the Human contribution to it.

Second, why do You expose Yourself to the insults hurled at You by the majority of either paid, or ‘cognitionally’ challenged commenters? What You write is as important, as it should be made available to people that are capable to change their worldview. Publishing on “ThinkProgress”, that should better be called “ThinkRegress”, is reminiscent of Don Quixote fighting the windmills of vileness.

You might be better off publishing on Patreon, where people will have to pay to read Your articles. A small amount, but that could serve as a firewall against these haters.

Personally, it pains me to witness such trite be thrown at any messenger.

Greetings to You.