I won’t be alone as I gasp for air, since so many other folks with common health problems will be isolated, ignored and left out: from heart issues, to allergies, asthma, diabetes, other forms of cancer, as well as birth defects and strokes, we will not be able to pay our way to survival in America under your watch.
Congressman Mo Brooks, Do You Want Me to Die?
Mary R. Ladd

My heart is with You for obvious reasons. Reasons that are so disheartening and actually dismembering. The new insurance that I have through my new employer refuses to pay for my heart medication — for those very reasons You mention.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist, nor a member of a medical faculty. Edema is the condition where the body stores water as if one plans a trip into the desert for a week without water. Like a camel.

Unfortunately, I am not a camel. My chances for survival would be better than they are now. Without whining too much about my condition, that is not really in the news ever, I have a list of loved ones that passed away from the exact same condition. Water retention. The heart says at one point: “That’s it. Not gonna do this exhausting thing anymore. Bye.”

The condition can be successfully treated with a medication. The medication is called ‘Spironolactone’ and acts as a diuretic to release excess waster.

“Preexisting Condition” is the magic word here. In a society that has no problem wasting trillions of dollars for illegal wars, I am denied my medication.

To top things off in the most nasty way, due to the fact that the insurance does not pay, I have to pay. And since I have to pay, I need to be shafted at that. Royally.

What a degenerated society this has become — the kind were money talks and all others can take a hike to the graveyard — I am extorted in the worst fashion. As if I would buy my prescription drug at a mafia drug dealer.

LongsDrugs/CVS/Whatever wants to charge me $ 120 for 60 pills. Enough for one month. One month goes by rather quickly as experience shows. Unfortunately and of course predictable, working on the Big Island will only be paid well for those who are employed with the state. Those people get money for nothing and Meds for free.

It gets outrageous now, when realizing that I can order my prescription from Canada. Same generic medication. Same manufacturer at that. 184 pills for $ 45. While that alone is sufficient to throw a tantrum, it is so much worse than that.

I realize the Ponzi scheme of the pharma cartel has deeper implications:

If the insurance would pay, it would pay $ 2 for the pills, versus $ 0.25 per pill. That’s only 800% more than the medication costs on the international market.

My last prescription needed to be re-filled and I turned in my request early enough at the local mediocrity-healthcare-center. They “misplaced” it. The result was me being without my prescription. The heart told me soon: “Oh, it’s You again? What happened? Where is my stuff?”

Within hours I looked like the Michelin guy. My calves started to swell up incomprehensibly, due to the ridiculous 90% humidity at 83ºF.

There are other, less effective over the counter supplements, but the amount I would have to take to make a difference is ridiculous. As odd as it sounds, using raw garlic as a diuretic helped until I received my pills from Canada.

It turns out, life has not only become increasingly cheap in the eyes of the Alabama excuse for a compassionate human being, it actually has no more value at all. Not as long it is not their own ilk. Fancy, shmancy pills, hospital stays, doctors — You name it and they get it for free.

It is long past due to give all these inhumane parasites, sucking the blood of common wealth/taxpayer monies empty, the boot.

Just make sure You have these wear protecting irons on the tip of the boot.

For You, dear I can only send my Aloha and the very best wishes to make it through these trying times. Thank You for this insight.

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