Wow. I can’t imagine.
Amber Lisa

Needless to say that I love Your response. :-)

But yes, there are things happening that have not happened ever before. At least not for the time period Humans have access to study and the opportunity to figure out the causality of it all. But like You said, no AI will be able to help. Only a concerted effort of the collective Human consciousness will suffice and looking at what the Motherearthfuckers are doing to increase their profits and making sure that the majority on this planet is eternally subdued, the possibility of the majority to break free form a psychopathic minority seem to be quite remote.

Well, we do what is in our violent less response. It is, like You said, the 7 Billion Human Minds that are able to connect and create a collective consciousness, that rejects the depravity of the rich.

Speaking about weather and how it is manipulated. My daughter lives in Florida and since my Granddaughter was born in 2014, she is suffering from one respiratory after the other. My daughter is of course extremely worn out from having a child that is constantly sick. My daughter, too is dealing with respiratory issues on a regular basis. In my opinion, any illness that incorporates difficulties breathing is extremely exhausting. As a child I had severe Asthma and while it has been only a vague memory for 45 years, it is back now and very disruptive to my already drizzling up life.

Here at least, I can blame it on the Volcanic gases (Vog) that is doing everybody in. But the truth is that there is much more to it than meets the lungs. It is sinister and denial about it won’t make it go away. For over a decade, those who pointed to wards ‘Chemtrails’ were of course ridiculed, singled out as conspiracy nuts, or crazy people by the legions of manipulators the Plutocrats employ to make sure that the truth will never reach the minds of the majority of people. If it would, the ‘White House’ would already have been bulldozed, like a song that I came across yesterday. “Bulldoze the ‘White House’. Yes, I would donate to a fundraiser to by the Diesel for the D 9’s doing that job.

Maybe You had a chance to watch the ‘Power Principle’, yet. If not, I urge You to watch it. It makes clear that the kind of denial about the truth (yes, the one that cannot be bend or mutilated) that is implanted into the masses, will forever prevent that things can change to the better. And with ‘better’, I simply refer to the possibility of a society that does not make a living from killing others and the planet.

Wishing You as much weather stability as can be had now. The random changes are a drag on people, especially for seniors like my parents. They, too report insane temperature changes in Germany. From 80ºF to snow and then back to 80º, or even higher. All in a period of time that is traditionally called ‘Spring’, but has nothing to do with the ‘Springs’ I have a vivid memory of — 50 years ago.

My thoughts are with You and Your children. May the Universe protect You from any nonsense.

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