My 777's are animals in the wild, normally considered dangerous for humans to be around.
Lorraine Heth

No doubt about it. But this world in its present state appears to be lacking of the acknowledging of this connection that is free of any dogma and doctrines. Sure, why would I even talk about Hawks and Owls circling over my head? No need. But there is a need to open up to the myriad ways The Universe is connecting with us. You are already there and that is beautiful. No credit will ever been taking on this side of the screen. All credit is due to The Universe, as which who I am known as, goes about exploring It.

Thank You for the response. The story was dedicated to someone I appreciate beyond the ‘ordinary’ grey noise most minds are filled with. If You are interested I will share with You my encounter with fully grown Cheetah. An experience that I cherish above most others, since I am so in Love with Felines.

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