a Buddhist anti-fascist.
“I don’t love them”—Meet a Buddhist Anti-fascist
Max Zahn

No, she is just a anti-fascist.

Because Buddhist cannot be “anti-anything”. That would mean that they have not at all understood what the Buddha was telling his listeners.

Buddhism means there is no two sides. For Buddha, compassion starts where the ego rejects it for whatever reasons.

But it is obvious — looking at what is done with the muslims in Myanmar, that Buddhism has long lost its message on the way into the present day.

Any sensible, intelligent, loving, caring an kind person lives the essence of the teachings of the Buddha.

The odd thing so, is that those who have lost their compassion, their kindness, their caring for the challenges of others to find a path to non-violence — No Matter What — do need compassion the most.

The Fascist is a confused, misguided and compassion free being — creating an exact matching Karmic consequence. Not necessarily on this physical plane, right here, right now, but at a time that withdraws itself from our understanding, or imagination.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE — What does that mean?

A question, Buddhists should ask themselves daily, before they forget.

As a Quantum-Philosopher, I like to re-iterate that every and any attempt to extract Fascists (or any other highly confused minds) from the masses will be futile. When a Human Being understands what was mentioned in the Upanishads (the stuff Christians, Jews and Muslims usually don’t read, because their religion is superior to anything else and the last word), when it states that:

A Human Being has to only once realize, that IF Krishna (God in this context) is everything, then I can only be Krishna as well.

A concept that does not sit well with the three stooge religions. They need an angry man in the sky that will love you to death with torture and cluster bombs and soon nuclear war.

The solution to all our problems and challenges is unconditional love. But I certainly concede to the fact that only the fewest human beings ever will get there. All others will perpetually drift down the stream of life — their hearts filled with hate, racism, exceptionalism and egotism.

Accepting The Universe AS IS, will help to overcome the confusion that dwells in the minds of those who point with the finger at others — without ever grasping the irony of pointing at themselves.

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