After the US is gone, the human psyche will change.
Stephen Nielsen

No, there isn't. It’s all artificially incited. Your questions lays bare that You do not know anything about U.S. history — if not for the fake version the Plutocrats have shoved down Your throat.

Let’s see what happens without the Nation that spends more on military, surveillance, illegal laws enforcement and prisons than all the other Nations on this planet combined, Steven.

I would love to believe that Your are just gullible, but I am afraid with that kind of sarcasm when others speak the truth, it’s far worse than that, Steven.

If I would ask a neo-con, or neo-liberal to watch Oliver Stone’s brilliant documentary about “The Untold History of The United States”, they would respond with it being propaganda. Coming from the people that do nothing else all day long — spreading lies and propaganda.

You should be ashamed of yourself in the face of the obvious, but that is not even remotely possible, right Steven?

Now, please go and feed that family of 800 pound gorillas lounging in your living room.

Last but not least, do not reply to this message, since you are not interested in the truth and I have no time to waste.

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