Only one thing matters. That you fucking finish what you START.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

“Only one thing counts; that you’re a finisher.”

For You.

“The…” REAL “…Only Thing That Matters”

was repeated often enough by my Grandpa and has even popped up in lyrics as in: “Fun Boy Three — It Ain’t What You Do — It’s The Way That You Do It

“It Does Not Matter What You Do — It Only Matters How You Do It.

Finishing is optional and a matter of perspective. Many times it is only necessary to start something and to have ti finished by someone else, or by the next generation — when the present generation does not possess the smarts to finish it. Examples given: Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

If, what You intend to do can be finished by You, go for it. Other possibilities do exist, especially in a cooperative way where it’s not about the ego, but the progress of the whole.

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