They all started with the number, 8 this, 5 that, that led to one single decision — I’M NOT GOING TO OPEN THAT.
4 Medium Posts Not Worth Reading
Mateja Klaric

Thank You. Medium reminds me, too more and more of the rag rack at the checkout register, where people are told about the latest sex positions, how to look ‘better’, to lose weight, be more successful and any variation of that for two bucks.

There is a method to this insanity: by focusing on ‘self-improvement’ it is implied that people need to be improved, that people start to believe that their selves need improving — that people LACK for eight, or five, or ten reasons to be ‘better’, ‘more successful’ than they are.

It could be just called a ‘folly’ but it is much more than that and it is much more dangerous than that as well. Creating the impression that there is need to improve oneself leads to the psychological pressure to remedy by any means necessary what is construed as lack.

The bitter truth is even more repelling:

The focus on appearances versus content. It’s all about how people are perceived by their contemporaries. People are no longer accepted as simply being who they are and living the life that corresponds with their innermost machinations — with their personal habits and convictions that form their persona — that lead to their life really being their life and not someone’s elses. The key here is AUTHENTICITY. Authenticity overrides anything else. It is the most powerful Universal energy a Human Being can discover. It does not judge, it does not accept ‘lack’, nor any form of OUTSIDE influence that comes from the corner of so called self-improvement. Authenticity is the connectivity and alignment as to what a Human Being is on Earth for. Its own reasons and motives that live on a much deeper level than most folks are able to grasp. In an abstract way, people who are falling for the concept, also believe in the TEN COMMANDMENTS — the first set of self-improvement rules aimed at overriding why one does exist and how one should go about it.

For anyone interested in why the need for self-improvement is so devastating in its consequences, this lecture by Alan Watts can help to find that out.

But mind You, it is 55 minutes long and thus too long for people who expect to be able to improve themselves based on a three, five, seven, or ten point list.

Welcome to my personal club for the maladjusted. :-)

And good luck with the money thing. It does not work for me, since I reject the “reward and punishment” mentality of the readers.

Oh, and yes, please allow me to link to an article related to this topic that I wrote a while ago.