Can we balance the karma?
Mike Meyer

Thank You for this detailed and profound response. It is as appreciated, as it is important at this stage in time.

Before I continue to share with You why I engaged in ‘reactionism’ to Son of Baldwin’s piece, I would like to re-iterate that the United States of America was founded on principles of inequality. Skillfully concealed as a society “of the people, by the people, for the people”, people were divided into two Kasts — ‘those who are worked for and ‘those who work for.

In order to protect the interests of the Kast of ‘those who are worked for’, the masses of those who work for needed to be contained — the rich minority was protected against the will of the masses, forming the majority in a truthfully free and open Democracy.

There is rub number one:

In a truthfully free and open Democracy, no limitation is applied to the number of parties that may contend for the position of the ruling government. The two fake party structure ensured the will of the Plutocrats over the will of the majority. From day one, the so called ‘media’ was created to convey the demands of the Plutocrats in terms that made it look like it would be the reader/voters choice to make. It never was. The most infamous notion by one of these decrepit Plutocrats, Jay Gould was:

I can hire one half of the population to kill the other half.

These were the the ‘people’ who were in control of the legislative. No laws were ever written without the consent of the Plutocrats and if they were, their lifespan was equal to a gnat.

Only by studying the Constitution of the United States and being able to read between the lines, can one arrive at the conclusion, that the whole framework of the American society was rigged to the core. In that eloquently worded framework are contained the roots for our (Americans and the world’s) misery, inequality and inhumanity. A rock solid constitution would have never provided enough room for the financial scum to gain the upper hand over the vast majority of the citizenry.

Rub number two:

When we take a closer look at human history — even the concocted one — something becomes immediately apparent: human fate is divided into proactive oppression, scheming and violent suppression countered by reactionary responses by those affected. Every revolutionary act had a proactively detrimental source leading to the reactionary revolution. No workers’ uprising without the exploitation by the hands of the Plutocrats/Corporatists. No suffrage without the curtailing of voting rights for women. No Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or Marcus Garvey — without the institutionalized racism and segregation trickling down from the top of the pyramid onto the bottom.

Any reactionary movement is an account for the underlying injustice. People do not rise up for no reason. For the common man and woman, there has always been too much at stake to lose. Including, but not limited to freedom and ultimately death. How many of those who hired Pinkerton ‘National’ Detective agents did ever die by the hands of those whose lives they destroyed? How many Plutocrats were ever hanged, or ended up before a shooting squad? None. Ever. With impunity have these Plutocrats controlled the fate of the United States of America from day one. None of the so called ‘founding fathers’ was a member of the working class. They owned people who worked for them for free. Easy to make profits, if You don’t have to pay those who slave away for You.

Rub number three:

When I responded to Son of Baldwin’s article “Let them fucking die”, I did so out of reactionary motives. In my Bavarian hometown, I was one of the first ever persons to be friends with someone from the Caribbean and also parallel to the relationship of said friend with a local business woman, I was the first to date an African-German woman. My experiences with both my friend and my partner were at times so horrid, that no words can describe the hatred and abuse on behalf of the Catholics that constituted the absolute majority in Bavaria. Whoever abused us, went to church on Sunday, only to continue their racism on Monday.

Driving with my friend from the Caribbean frequently lead to a bunch of cops stopping us in town to perform a strip search on my friend. Nobody ever asked me if I had drugs, or ever had to undergo a search. When I protested under what laws this illegal strip search was performed, I was encircled by cops and told to keep it down — or else. The fact that I was driving the most expensive Mercedes Benz shielded me from harassment by the cops. But it did not prevent them from strip searching my friend. The mentioning of my lawyer left the cops unfazed. After all, Germany is not the U.S. (sort of) and the threat of taking these guys to court would have wrung hollow. German justice does not provide for protections against illegal strip searches. Not then and not now. The magic spell here is “Gefahr im Verzug” (Imminent Danger). Maybe ten lawyers would call for attention, but in Catholic Bavaria, the rules of justice are as heavily tilted towards the owners Kast, than in the U.S.

When my mailbox was flooded with demands for my African-German partner to leave the village — or else — , I decided for ‘else’ and told all of these flaming hypocrites to go and fuck themselves in their Catholic chapel. My neighbors had complained to the land-’lord’, that we would make to much noise, leading to a confrontation one time in which the unfucked neighbor woman told me that “this is not a whorehouse”. To which I replied
“Well, too bad that You never had that much fun doing it.” Her husband — a guy who liked us — broke out in laughter. It was easy to imagine how his evening turned out to be. We were also friends with their daughters who were appalled by what had happened. But that is what we had to go through on a daily basis. For the five+ years we were together.

Knowing first hand of the persistent racism and abuse of people of color by the hands of the bigoted Christians in this and other countries, I had to agree as first response to let those abusers, that would only continue to abuse people of color, drown. But how could I not help someone that just had a car accident and is stuck in his/her car from dying in it? As a former first responder, I am also under the spell of the oath of Hippocrates without ever having taken one. It is the natural thing to do. But I could be challenged in the case that there would be a bumper sticker on the car that reveals the character of the driver. Like “support our troops”, or “God’s in Control”. Because abuse and racism most often comes from that corner. People who have no whatsoever problem with exterminating people of color in distant lands — especially women, children and the elderly — , have also no problem to treat them like subhumans in their own country.

In order to have me help one out when one’s life is in danger, one must make sure there is no indication for racism surrounding one. A confederate flag will garner one breathing water.

To conclude this insight as to why my response to Son of Baldwin was so acid, it will help to see it before the backdrop of what I made my doctrine:

No Harm, No Hurt.

It is not me who would ever run around looking down at people of color, or treating them like subhumans. Like a deadly animal — as long as one leaves my alone, it will all be fine. But the moment I see injustice against my brothers and sisters of color, it’s over. That might include letting a known racist and abuser sink to the bottom. It would be my Karma to contend with, but never will I support the discrimination of another Human Being based on the color of their skin. That is the most preposterous character trait in my book.

As of how to remedy the impending catastrophe of a dissolving evil empire, I cannot give any advice other than to keep true to humanity, to live by the simple notion that one should not do upon others, what one does not want to be done upon oneself. That should be easy enough — which doe not mean that it might not be understood, or cared for by a large number of folks in this country.

Thank You for being proactive in regards to the much needed change of minds all over the world.

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