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Thank You for Your wonderful response, John! It is deeply appreciated. For various reasons. First, I believe it to be of utmost importance to wise up on the scope of manipulations the human mind is subjected to, since Freud looked into the minds of people. What people often forget though, is the fact that Freud himself was a Human Being. He wasn’t dropped by an Alien spacecraft — as least from what I know about him, and I did care to visit his house when I worked as a Photo Journalist back in Germany.

With Freud, we have one of the first Humans to acknowledge the existence and the treatment of the subconsciousness. His insights into this field were broad, but he lacked the means to correlate things. His emphasis (and also the emphasis of Wilhelm Reich) cycled around the genitals of a Human Being. While the first related everything in a Human Being’s Life to the presence, or absence of a Penis, the latter emphasized the frequent use of both versions of genitals in order to be at peace and with the fullest strength in this World.

The book that I am itching to publish, deals with the mind from a different perspective. It addresses the fact, that all Human Beings (there are od course exceptions to this rule) do not grow up without being told “How it is”. The Psyche Freud analyzed, could not be understood in the way Quantum Philosophy enables us to understand the roots of our behaviors today. The roots of “The Human Condition”.

Bernays, this (*$#@*&&^#%) of a misanthrope sold out the Human Mind to the Corporations and the Plutocrats. Bernays advised the American ‘Government’ (aka ‘Manipulation Central’) on several occasions. All involving how to manipulate the minds of the people. I spent a lot of time studying Bernays’ effect on society and it can be said without the slightest shred of a doubt, that Bernays has been the driving force behind the destruction of a society that deserves the name, towards a ‘coop of confusion, hate and greed’.

He told the so called leaders, that hate is the best and most effective unifier. You can exploit and abuse Your own population — as long as You give them something to hate and You can always make them hate each other in the absence of an enemy. But an enemy will always be handy for that reason.

Try to imagine it the other way around, if Bernays would have told the leaders that Love is the best and most effective unifier. But that just as a hypothesis on the side. What Humanity is experiencing today, is the result of decades of manipulation of the mind. To an extend, that makes Dr. Mengele look like a well appreciated and accepted Pediatrician.

It was pure TERROR by the powers that were and be. The breaking, destruction of the Human Minds to implement Fascist ideals. America was transformed in to the biggest Fascist entity on the planet — with shopping privileges.

Looking at the present situation from this point of view, it strikes one like lightning, that the only way out of this planned and designed insanity is the healing of the Human Mind. The collective version as much as the individual variant. The reversing of the degeneration of Humanity towards becoming another financial instrument. Yes, Humans have been converted into financial instruments, just like the housing market, agriculture and culture.

The fact, that all this does not really work without people being convinced of their superiority, their being “exceptional” and as of lately “their being entitled to plunder and destroy the world” for self interest, makes it apparent that this is absolutely not how Human Beings are. It is in a sad way really more reminiscent of an old joke about a dog:

“Why do Dogs lick their genitals? — Because they can!”

Why do Humans destroy their Home Planet and any free and open society on it? — Because they can.

It is long overdue to offer people an insight into their minds and Psyche, that is not accompanied by a raised index finger. NOBODY knows ANYTHING on this Planet. EVERYTHING a person professes to KNOW was a STORY at one point. From one story to the next. Humans know nothing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. One does not have to KNOW anything, but how to grow food, how to prepare it and how to share it. And that was common knowledge up to the ‘Modern Times’

I reject the entire unholy alliance to transform precious Human Minds into Consumer Apps. There is a space on my new web site, that is dedicated to the most famous notion of all times. It was inscribed above the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi: “KNOW THYSELF” and indeed, that is THE ONLY ‘THING’ we ever have a chance to know — the knowledge about our Selves.

This response was inspired by You and I give credit to You. This was written for You. :-)

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