New data on the types of ads internet users hate the most
Quincy Larson

That is very interesting. Recently I wrote an open letter to Medium about that:

In it, I bemoaned that Medium had started to integrate animated content — promoting its own “Noteworthy Medium Writers”. At the time of my letter, the ad was flickering like crazy and I perceived it as a serious distraction. I actually cancelled my membership because of this. Paying $ 5.00 to get annoyed is $ 5.00 too much.

In order to maintain the connections with other writers I made here, I reinstated my membership and have noticed, that the ad has been slowed down significantly, but it still provides enough flickering to be detrimental to focus, especially when one is the first commenter for an article. If others commented prior to oneself, one can scroll down and it will disappear.

Based on the little graphic above “Percentage of Open-Ended Comments with Negative Affect” (I am not allowed to insert it here), “Animation” scores with 100%.

Why would Medium continue to annoy its readers, especially the paying ones?

My own website is as static as it can be. My aversion for flickering ads is greater than the tallest sky scraper.

Thanks for the article. It speaks from my heart.