And I didn’t try to please, I was just being open and honest, sometimes painfully honest.
Not everyone has the “reward and punishment” mentality.
Mateja Klaric

That is what live is truly about in my eyes, too.

Where it gets complicated in my personal case — and it is funny how You mentioned ‘homelessness’ which threatened me and my four Felines for months now — is the fact, that I have realized to embrace joy and pain, given none no longer a preference. Thus, when I write, what I write, it comes from that exact place, where there is no judgement pursued, a judgement that is often demanded by people to find on on ‘which side’ we are.

Condensed to a single sentence I would do all in my personal might to do “No Harm, No Hurt” — everything else falls into place. For all of my life I have been asked by people for advice. But who is the ‘advicee’? Who is the ‘advisor’? Nowadays I simply care and love to exchange points of view, which to me are the single most important aspect of a Human Being. As already well expressed in “The World Is As You See IT.”

Thank You for the response, I am looking forward to read more from You. :-)

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