George and I disagree.
Jack Albrecht

That’s what I was talking about.

When Caitlin wrote:

The extremely powerful corporate conglomerates which comprise the mainstream media are lying to you about everything.

I responded with:

That is their job. Journalism is something entirely different.


Lying is a character trait that implies that those who are lying could alternatively speak the truth.

But, “the extremely powerful corporate conglomerate which comprise main stream media are lying to you about everything” means that they are lying about everything.

But it is their job to do that. It doesn’t simply happen. They are intended to do that. That’s why George and I speak about ‘Journalism’ being something entirely different: Writing about something some people don’t want You to write about.

As a photo journalist, I was confronted with that dilemma many times over.

It is not the job of the main stream media to write the truth. It is their job to manufacture consent over the policies the plutocrats want to be implemented.

And that, was from day one by design. Exactly as selling the people a ‘democracy’ with only two parties. As George Carlin said: Americans love Bullshit.

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