Knowing how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives it cost, knowing how many thousands of American lives it cost, knowing there were no WMDs, knowing how it would destabilize the region, knowing how long and costly a military operation it would be.
Shut The Fuck Up, John Bolton
Caitlin Johnstone

This man and all of his ilk know nothing. Nada. Zilch.

They mistake ‘knowing’ for ‘understanding’ and since they are sure as hell that they understand everything much better than the masses, their proclaiming to ‘know’ and to ‘understand’ the matters in question, is a trade mark of a certain mental imposition.

To ponder about the fact, that The Universe did such an exquisite job providing the surroundings and circumstances for a Homo Sapiens to appear on the stage of Life, and to witness then — by Homo Sapiens herself— how it enables people like Bolton et al to poison Earth’s atmosphere with Nationalism, Fascism, Racism, Hatred for everything ‘different’ from their ultra-narrow version of what goes usually for a horizon, and the perfection of an obsessive-compulsive mind that is absolutely absorbed by “Exceptionalism”, is deeply troubling and painful.

Bolton is an ‘Exceptionalist’, working for the Plutocrats. like all the others. There is not one person with integrity left on the hill but a fool that does what a fool is supposed to do.

For all exceptionalists is true that they can do as the fuck they please and that they don’t answer to anybody but the top of the pyramid.

Last but not least, this shit is way to complex and was always intended to be overwhelming to the common mind. The common mind cannot conceive that it gets shafted by this gang. And a gang it is. The Exceptionals™”

The membership list as long as the cast of Ben Hur. The low level fulfillment agents are as numerous as henchmen employed by Mordor. They also share their contempt for the Humans — the members of this gang believe they are not like ‘Ordinary Humans’. They are far above, have far more, know far better and most unscrupulous when it comes to the suffering and pain their organization inflicts on the entire planet.

It’s all just satire, isn’t it? I mean, what else could it be, correct? It’s so beyond preposterous that there is actually no word for it. It’s just beyond preposterous. Way beyond preposterous.

The perfect satire, isn’t it?