As Working Washington pointed out on Twitter, the Garage’s owner donated $500 toward an attempt to repeal the $15 minimum wage, which would pay the surcharge on over $25,000 worth of food at the Garage.
What to Do When A Restaurant Puts a Minimum-Wage Service Charge on Your Bill
Paul Constant

Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. Boycott restaurants that charge a surcharge for having to pay a living wage. Know, that You are paying higher prices than necessary because of the fact that the owner MUST create the highest possible profits. It is called GREED and should not be supported.
  2. Search for restaurants that are operated as COOPS with employee ownership. The effects of employee owned COOPS is the removal of the GREED addicted sole proprietor /shareholder profit maximization philosophy. In a COOP, the employees will automatically receive a living wage and surplus beyond that will flow back into the COOP.
  3. Should there be no COOP restaurant in Your area, INSTIGATE ONE. Society is in dire straits because of profit maximization that has replaced social market economy.