I’ve actually already looked into it!
A Ennis

Unfortunately, with each passing day, chances to find ‘that place’ are dimming. While You were recommended Sweden, that is no longer the country it was under Olof Palme. As a matter of fact, the U.S. is poisoning the entire planet with its for-profit-everything. Simple minds do not look through the fatal consequences the reduction of a Human Being into an isolated consumer, that is only related to other consumers by the means of their desired object to consume or possess, has on the collective consciousness.

No, there is no country left on this planet that is either directly, or indirectly under the control of the American Plutocrats. It has been going on for a very long time and those folks who still believe that the population has either the right, or the means for redress live in a parallel Universe that is doomed to collapse.

While the real Universe is a place of expansion, Plutocrats are on a rampage of contraction. It serves their needs, which are greed and lust for power. Social services=contracting, arts=contracting, critical thinking=contracting, health care=contracting, ways to sustain Yourself=contracting, opportunities=contracting, housing=contracting, empathy=contracting, compassion=contracting, human rights=contracting.

Expansion takes only place in areas that are detrimental to common wealth and the well being of the individual.

Militarism=expansion, surveillance=expansion, corruption=expansion, prison population=expansion, environmental destruction=expansion, pollution=expansion, dumbing down=expansion, propaganda and fake news=expansion, gentrification=expansion, GMO=expansion, police brutality=expansion, racism=expansion — the list is longer that there is space on this website.

Since there is nowhere to hide, or anywhere to find peace and sustenance, change must come her and now. It must come despite the complacency of the consumption and TV addicts. They will croak based on their gullibility. The Universe is with those who align with it and turn away from those who are beyond redemption.

No attempting to wake anybody up.Everybody has the same opportunities when it comes to thinking things through. IF You really want to relocate, I can only recommend South America. There is space and there are people that don’t suffer from cognitive dissonance to the degree the North Americans do.

It might be better though to retreat into the vastness of the wilderness that still is present in North America. As rural as possible — sub rural. Tiny house under greenhouse. Something like this (in Sweden), but on a much more affordable level and including personal agriculture.

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