There’s Major Fuckery Afoot With The Washington Post, And I Think I Know Why
Caitlin Johnstone

We are in this deep mental abyss for very good reasons.

While it could be spread out like avocado creme on a

fresh slice of Organic bread toast to a perfect crisp, it

would not do any good.


Because way too many people are still ‘party’ members

of the ‘Democratic’ party. Way too many people are still

‘party’ members of the Republican ‘Party.

And way, way too many people still ‘believe’ the mental

feces they are dished out by the so called ‘agencies’.

Whoever still believes anything coming from the real

terrorists on this planet, is a lost, hopeless case of delusion.

Either it be voluntary delusion, or involuntary delusion — the

effects are the same. Lies and deceit are displacing the truth

and common sense like an oil tanker water when fully loaded.

The only thing that remains to do, is to make people aware of

what this is all about. Luckily though for the filthy rich parasites,

selling their parasitic existence as the success model for the

‘American Dream’, the majority of people is blinded by the scum.

Here is another chance for wising up about the lives You’re no

longer able to live:

The Century of the Self

Sure, it’s 58:32 minutes long. That’s a long time in a society that can

watch football games, the shopping channel and car races for hours.

Finding out the truth about why they are so fucked up? Not so much.

Why? Because there’s nothing wrong with them — by their own accounts.

And the thing last summer, “what Joey did with his cousin Mary, wasn’t

really all that bad. She wanted it, too! And she will just turn eighteen when

her baby will be born.”